Our Adventure Begins…

Welcome to Our Page! This site serves as our journal to document our Adventure of sailing from Long Beach California to Coron Palawan, Philippines – circumnavigation may be something that the sailing community find normal or ordinary but for us this will be the adventure of the lifetime, if you are reading this thank you, and we would like to invite you to join us in our Adventure.

I always told people that I want to sail across the Pacific to the Philippines, though I have no idea at that moment how I can achieve such feat, I kept telling people about that dream and as I kept doing that the pieces just seamed to fall in their right places. I guess visualizing your goal really helps in actually achieving it, I can’t explain how and why it works – but I guess in this case it just did, and this is the beginning…

Few months ago I met an amazing woman (Almu) through a dating app – as we are getting to know each other I told her “I want to sail from Long Beach to The Philippines” and she responded, “Why just The Philippines – why not sail around the world?” and that was the moment that I knew I found the right one, we went for a couple of dates and before you know it we were inseparable.

Not long after we met an opportunity to purchased an Islander Bahama 30′ (Empire March) came along and with a few minutes of thinking about it we were off to take the boat for a spin, the boat is in a decent condition and at a reasonable price (considering my limited knowledge about boats) – And just like that we have our first boat, first boat being – since Almu would rather sail with a bigger boat, if you will ask me I am perfectly fine crossing the pacific with a 30′, what do you think?

There are a lot of things that needs to be done on the boat, we need to tune up the engine, fix the overheating issues, clean the hull, repair the sails – eventually get new and additional sails, learn how to swim, scuba dive, and most importantly learn how to sail – yes that is very important, It is going to be a long journey, a long uncertain adventure but together – with my amazing partner in crime and maybe some of our friends, this will be a fun and exciting one…

Our Time Line

Year One (2020) – Learning The Lines, this is our opportunity to learn about our boat, how it works, what does not work and fix them, and to get more sailing experience under our belt, we will dedicate one blog post or video to list all the task and projects that we have for the boat and document our training process i.e. Learning How to Sail.

Year Two(2021) – Stretching Our Sea Legs,at this point we should have completed all required projects to sail the boat safely there may still be other projects that need to be done but by this time we should be confident about our sailing skills to sail from Long Beach to San Diego.

Year Three (2022) – Pushing Way South, I am not really sure if I am being realistic about this goal, so if you are reading this and you feel that this is a bit too unrealistic please drop me a line. By this time I am hoping that we have the necessary skill set to sail to Mexico, no final plan yet as to where but somewhere in that area….

Year Four (2023) – Panama Canal, it would be a great experience to sail around the Caribbean, we are hopping that by our fourth year we would have gained enough experience to sail through the Panama Canal and into the Caribbean, just like Capt. Jack….  

Year Five (2024) – Hawaii, sailing to Hawaii, is our test, our prelude to crossing the pacific, at this point this would have been our further out from the coastline, a part of me gets really excited about it but sometimes I close my eyes and I start thinking of Moby Dick or Jaw, OK –  lets not go there…

Year Six (2025) – Coron, Palawan – Philippines, finally this is the culmination of all that work of fixing our boat and getting it sea worthy, learning the necessary skills to safely cross the pacific, we are heading to Coron, Palawan – Philippines. Coron is not the end of the Journey, just like everything else in life it is just the beginning or another Adventure. 

That sounded like a lot, things may change along the way – timelines may shift, but as of now this is how we envision our Great Adventure. There are a lot of things to learn, though it could be a little bit scary at times, this has been done a lot of times and the people who did it ahead of us serves as our inspirations and mentors. Thank you for taking the time reading this, and we are glad that you are part of our Adventure!

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