60 Days Learn Spanish Challenge

Introduction: One day as my wife and I were talking to my mother-in-law who lives in Spain, She ask me how my Spanish is doing – my response was a big smile and said “un poco, necesito practicar” unfortunately that is the full extent of my Spanish Language. It was at that moment that I challenged my self to Learn the Spanish Language in 60 days. This 60 Day learning process does not aim on making me a fluent speaker of the Spanish language – the aim is to challenge my self to keep a consistent learning pace and learn as much as I can and compare my skill at the end of the Challenge. Just like in most of my studies this site will post my daily learning and will serve as an accountability tracker.

Learning Strategy

  1. Ten Words A Day – building your vocabulary is an important part of learning a new language, buy memorizing Ten Words a day it will help me build my word bank and hopefully make my learning process effective.
  2. Ten Common Phrases – common phrases a day will allow me to have basic communication with Spanish speaker at a very basic level, until everything starts to make sense.
  3. 10 Grammar Rules – understanding grammar rules allow you to have associations as to why and how we say things.


  1. Learn Spanish with SpanishPod101.com – Youtube channel Spanish Online Class
  2. Butterfly Spanish – Youtube channel Spanish Online Class
  3. Spanishdict.com – Spanish Learning website translation, conjugation, vocabulary, grammar, pronounciation.
  4. Almudena Fernandez – Amazing Wife – Te Amo mi Amor…

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